2020 Election Endorsements

We are currently in the process of deciding our finalist for endorsement.

We are waiting from responses from Campaigns for the following questions to help us further spread their message and decide if they are a right fit for our core values.

  1. What inspired you to enter public service?
  2. If you could achieve one thing with your service, what would it be?
  3. Do you believe job creation is more important than a living wage?
  4. Do you think the current government is going in the right direction to benefit the People?
  5. In your opinion, do you think gun control laws and regulations should be changed?
  6. Should there be more emphasis on the rehabilitation of criminals than punishment?
  7. Should Government increase incentives for corporates who are socially responsible?
  8. Do you believe that Environmental safety is more important than business tax revenue?
  9. Should the government increase incentives for corporates who are environment-friendly?
  10. What place should the government have in the life of the people?

Please check back often as we will be posting their responses in entirety to allow our supporters understand our endorsement of their Campaign.