“Defund the Corruption” St John’s County Detention Center

We at FPPhelps.com believe comforting your loved ones is a basic human right.

Paytel owns and operates the phones at the St. Johns County Jail. The cost of a 15-minute Florida in-state long distance inmate call using Paytel is $6.00, with out-of-state calls costing $3.15, and local jail phone calls costing $3.00.

If you wanted to talk to your loved one once a day that’s $42 a week or $168 a month!

To help “Defund the Corruption” of St. John’s County Detention Center and Paytel, we are offering local numbers for those paying In-State Long Distance for 3 months for every $25 donation to our “Defund the Corruption” campaign

How it works….

  • You donate $25
  • We provide a local St John’s County Number for you to give your loved one to call on for 3 months, and we redirect that number to the phone number of your choosing
  • You pay $3 instead of $6. That is a 50% savings

It is that Simple!

Now instead of the money being used to fund a corrupt system, we will use 100% of the donations to help further “Defund to Corruption.”

How will we defund the corruption?

  • Get Paytel out of St. Johns County Detention Centers and develop a non-profit alternative 
  • Bring down the cost of communications to allow individuals an opportunity to communicate with families.
  • Remove financial incentives for the St John’s County Detention Center from unnecessarily incarcerating citizens of St. Augustine and St John’s County.
  • Work to offer each inmate one free 15-minute phone call a week.
  • Educate the public of the predatory practices of St John’s County Jail and Paytel