Controversial Gainesville Sheriff Sadie Darnell refuses to investigate Whistleblower allegations of Rampant Abuse by ACSO

Democrat Sadie Darnell Republican Ron DeSantis
Controversial Sheriff Sadie Darnell stands nest to Controversial Republican Governor Ron DeSantis

Democrat Gainesville Sheriff Sadie Darnell seen here standing in support of Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, has repeatedly refused to look into allegations of Rampant abuse at the Alachua County Detention Center.

Sheriff Darnell is no stranger to scandals or defending allegations against her Sheriff Department.

“Underage girl told authorities Alachua Sheriff Office Deputy William Allen Arnold Jr. had sex with her about 10 times since she was 14”

Alachua County deputy accused of sex with underage girl

ACSO Deputy accused of Sexually assaulting minor for about three years

ASO K-9 deputy arrested on sexual assault charges allowed to resign

Alachua County Sheriff Deputy William Arnold Jr.
Alachua County Sheriff Deputy Joseph Sperring

“The couple was arguing in the living room when Sperring grabbed his gun and said he “would use it,” Sperring said he’d kill her and himself while placing the gun in his mouth.”

Gainesville Police Department Arrest Report

ACSO deputy arrested, accused of domestic battery second ACSO deputy to be involved in a criminal investigation within the past two weeks

Former ACSO deputy accused of kidnapping woman for six hours

Deputy accused of choking girlfriend sentenced to probation

Police reported that the boy had a significant, medium-sized bruise on the lower right side of his back that appeared consistent with being hit or kicked. He also had several red marks or bruises to the right-center of his back. His right arm was bruised. Under police questioning, Ferguson denied hitting or hurting the boy. He did acknowledge forcefully removing the boy from a vehicle, adding that could have resulted in the marks

Police say Clinton Ferguson repeatedly hit and kicked the 11-year-old Disabled Boy.

Alachua County deputy fired after child abuse charge dropped

Alachua County Sheriff Deputy Clinton “Clint” Ferguson
No Picture Available for Alachua County Jail detention officer Christopher Hathcock

Detectives with the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office are investigating allegations of dating violence involving an Alachua County Jail detention officer

CBS 4 Gainesville

ACSO detention officer arrested on allegations of dating violence

Alachua County detention officer accused of dating violence

Under Sheriff Sadie Darnell there has existed a culture of abuse within the Alachua County Sheriffs Department, because of this as well as the Whistleblower document below, The Freed Promise Project asks you to sign our petition below and automatically email Sadie Darnell to demand an Independent Investigation into rampant abuse by her Alachua Sheriff’s Office

We have decided to include all information as given to create protection for the possible witnesses and inmates against retaliation.


Demand of Investigation into allegations of rampant brutality in ACSO detention center

With the recent riots over law enforcement violating the rights of citizens, the Freed Promise Project feels that it is imperative a transparent investigation be made into allegations brought about by whistleblowers, community leaders, and families of inmates at the Alachua County Sheriff Office Detention Center.

We are currently in possession of a document submitted to the ACSO, making allegations of illegal activities that are running rampant across the ACSO Detention center from mistreatment and retaliation on an inmate of the behalf of drug dealers, ignoring safety policies, rampant sleeping on the job, providing of contraband to inmates, hiding drug issues from sheriff as well as the public and many others found here

These allegations are both dangerous to inmates, law enforcement, and the community at large. Trying to ignore these allegations as done in the past will result in the same actions we are seeing currently with citizens turning against their own communities in fear and frustration.

We want all material turned over to trusted community leader Chanae Jackson, to allow her to examine along with family members of inmates in parallel with a transparent investigation into wrongdoings and coverups at the ACSO detention center.

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Original image as given to the Freed Promise Project.

Transcript of Image above.

In this document, it is my intention to make you aware of things that are happening that all Officers are aware of under your Command, most of which I am sure you are unaware. Due to my recent targeting and possible termination, I wish to try and make this workplace better for those Officers that come after me. Here are some issues I would like to bring to light to prevent further Targeting and hostility. I strongly feel that I have been a victim of Targeting because I spoke my mind and stood up for myself when Sgt Adams and Lt. Studstill were trying to strong arm and intimidate me. My intention is hopefully to receive my job back and be placed on another shift, maybe Team 2 nights. Even though, I have received some rough patches here recently, I am still loyal to ACSO and would like to continue my career as unlikely as it may seem at this moment. After all this, I still have no grudges against any Officer in Arms. I am not speaking from a disgruntled employee, nor a person of anger. I am speaking merely as a Citizen of Alachua County and simply just trying to make a stance against Targeting and Intimidation by Officers from Authoritative positions. I would like to make this workplace better with or without me in it.

  • While working as the 3G Officer I received a phone call from Sgt. Adams, he specifically told me that he had handed Trustee Gardner a bag of Commissary from the Sgt’s Office as a reward for cleaning the floor. Inmate Garnder was the floor Trustee, therefore that was his job to do so anyway. Why was I reprimanded for handing an inmate a bag of chips, but it was ok for Sgt Adams to hand a bag full to inmate Gardner?
  • The last time I was employed here at ACSO I was strong-armed and intimidated to accept a 1 Day Suspension by Lt. Curtis when she noticeably lied on her Investigation report. I received Disciplinary Action for essentially giving work to a former Inmate, in an attempt to help Community and help this individual stay out of trouble and jail.
  • Officer Corey Warren is constantly receiving complaints about how his unprofessional and treating inmates badly, however since he is the Captains’ son, so nothing happens. When Inmates write the informal Grievances, they never make it past the Lt. before it gets thrown away or it becomes “Not Grievable”.
  • Retired Lt Hudson allowed a Trustee to gain access to his cell phone by leaving it unattended on a table in C Zone. It was later determined that this cell phone was being used to arrange meetings between an outside grounds Trustee and an outside person. This Trustee was changing clothes and spending the days with his girlfriend. St Swallows tried to cover it up until the information about the Trustee was made public.
  • Supervisors among all four shifts are violating policy and accreditation standards by assigning officers with less than 1 year to high liability duty post. Everyone knows this but supervisors don’t get disciplined for this violation.
  • Why is policy and procedure being altered? A newly promoted Sergent (Sgt Bass) has been in Training for more than a year and bounced to every shift./ New Sergeants, not veteran experienced sergeants such as Sgts Jackson, Pam James, Herron, are training the newly promoted sergeant because they choose not to and the current Lt’s don’t make them. They have sergeants (West, McCoy, Adams, Scott, Mayes, etc) with less than three years of experience or less as a sergeant training the new sergeant’s. there are Lieutenants that are not trained either. This is what is causing the toxic culture and environment at the Jail.
  • SGT Howard Adams specifically, is constantly changing Officer’s reports and telling officers they must sign it after he makes changes even though the Officer isn’t ok with his changes.
  • Officers are scared and worried about their personal careers and backlash from reporting other Officers that a lot goes unreported.
  • The Jail is and has been infested with drugs for more than a year. The drugs are coming in through Trustees, DOC inmates and the mail. Retired Jail Intelligence Coordinator Farnell Cole knows all about it and has tried to have Maj Cloutier take care of it, But Maj Cloutier wouldn’t allow it. Maj Cloutier didn’t want the Sheriff to know because it would reflect badly on him.
  • Also Major Cloutier is regularly out on Friday nights at the bars (Fluid, Dragon Fly, Hale Plantation restaurants) drunk
  • Again supervisors are targeting staff when they expose policy violations and issues. The supervisors are young and inexperienced.
  • Why can SWAT have different commanders over the years but CERT can’t? CERT has had only two commanders the last 14 years. How many has SWAT had?
  • The standards for CERT are held at a much lower level than SWAT
  • I wanted to try out for CERT however the CERT commander last time only picked 1 person from 7 or 8 Officers that tried out and passed the requirements and there were more than 7 available openings. This is taking money, training and advancement out of Officers hands because the CERT commander only picks his friends. There is no fairness/equality
  • Are you aware Lt Swallows changed the requirement from four years as a sergeant be a Transport Sergeant to one year to allow his favorites to put in for the position when he was the transport Lt.
  • Lt. Studstill is being manipulated by Sergeants. He allows his Sgt’s to do whatever they want and does not need his approval.
  • Lieutenant Schaffner has and still is making sexual inappropriate comments to female staff.
  • Supervisors are NOT consistent with the tardiness, sloppiness and unprofessional appearance of the uniforms.
  • All officers are keeping their heads down and eyes covered because they are being intimidated by sergeants and lieutenants and can’t report the daily policy violations.
  • Officer Bethea asleep countless times while I was on night shift last employment with ACSO, the Officers that reported him all got written it up for allowing him to break policy violations. This happened in attempt to intimidate other Officers to not report him.
  • Officer Majaraj sleep on duty while watching a movie on his phone. I was scared to report it, because he is Sgt Adam’s friend and I felt that the Supervisors would come after me for reporting him.
  • Many Supervisors sitting in the 1 and 2 Delta Office with the Officer Brown just hanging out. It looked like they were having a party in there. This happens on a daily basis, which gives the appearance that this Officer can do what he wants, so when violations are noticed Officers are scared to report it. They see thse Officers as part of the Supervisors group and know that reporting them would only hurt them instead, so nothing gets reported.
  • Look at how many sergeants have put in for the transport position, it is typically 1. Which means all the other sergeants know who is being chosen and they are not afforded a fair process.
  • Supervisors will not call everyone for available overtime, they only call their friends.
  • Another reason moral is so low is because there is more the 2+ Officers that have been on the same shift (Days) for more than 15-20 years. This does not allow other Officers to mover for the benefit of their own growth. This affects their diversity as an Officer and their home lives.
  • It seems unfair that Officer Robinson, receive multiple write-ups in a short time, but he wasn’t recommended for Termination.
  • It is also known when Lt. Curtis was a Sgt. And married to her 1st husband, her husband was a known big time drug dealer. She was still employed at ACSO during this time. Inmate Frauly Lopez-Benitex, currently housed in 1 H, told me last week about the incident with Lt. Curtis and her late husband. He told me the last time he was in ACSO jail there was retaliation against him by Lt. Curtis because she thought he was the one that was involved with the killing of her husband.

As these are serious allegations, we will be reaching out to all involved and updating regularly.

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