Hendry County Sheriff Department

At the Freed Promise Project, we are monitoring the Hendry County Sherriff’s department for scandals, and corruption. We encourage reporting any information you may have on corruption or mistreatment of inmates by Hendry County Sherriff’s Department to the proper authorities immediately. We understand reporting the Hendry County may be a intimidating task, if you would like help please feel free to contact us at the Freed Promise Project @ reportabuse@fpphelps.com

With the COVID 19 Coronavirus pandemic effecting Hendry County Sherriff Department and Local County Jail we are paying specific attention to this situation. We are seeing a never before situation with the COVID 19 Coronavirus break out in the way the Hendry County is handling the treatment of Hendry County inmates please let us know of any mistreatment by the Hendry County jail to reportabuse@fpphelps.com

Current Hendry County Sheriff

Sheriff Stephen H. “Steve” Whidden

Albany Police Department, two years; Hendry County Sheriff’s Office, six years; Clewiston Police Department, four years; DEA Special Task Force, two years; elected Sheriff of Hendry County, 2008; re-elected 2012 and 2016.

During the upcoming 2020 Elections, we are also monitoring Hendry County candidates in the current Hendry County Sherriff 2020 Election. We do this with an eye for fairness but with an understanding that no single person has more influence in the everyday life of Hendry County Inmates and their families.