St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office

At the Freed Promise Project, we are monitoring the St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office for scandals, and corruption. We encourage reporting any information you may have on corruption or mistreatment of inmates by St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office to the proper authorities immediately.

We understand reporting the St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office may be an intimidating task if you would like help please feel free to contact us at the Freed Promise Project at

During the upcoming 2020 Elections, we are also monitoring St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office candidates in the current SJSO Sherriff 2020 Election. We do this with an eye for fairness but with an understanding that no single person has more influence in the everyday life of SJSO Inmates and their families.

With the COVID 19 Coronavirus pandemic affecting St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office Sherriff Department and Local County Jail we are paying specific attention to this situation. We are seeing a never before seen situation with the COVID 19 Coronavirus break out in the way the St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office is handling the treatment of St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office inmates, please let us know of any mistreatment by the St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office jail to

St John County Sheriff Office

Current Sheriff

St. Johns County Sheriff David Shoar

St. Augustine Police Department 1981-2000: Patrol Officer, Sergeant, Operations Commander, Administrative Services Commander; Chief of Police, 2000-2004; elected Sheriff of St. Johns County, 2004; ran unopposed 2008 and 2012; re-elected 2016; Adjunct Professor, St. Johns River Community College.


Stood by Deputy Jeremy Bank’s after he murdered girlfriend Michelle O’Connell during a domestic dispute

Possibly covered up the murder of investigator in the Michelle O’Connell murder case he is already accused of covering up


Republican Primary Candidates

St. Augustine Beach Police Chief Rob Hardwick

  • Current St. Augustine Beach Chief of Police
  • Dedicated law enforcement officer for over 25 years
  • U.S. Army Combat Veteran with 25 years of active and National Guard service
  • Appointed By Gov. Rick Scott to the Criminal Justice and Standards Training Commission


Dog-racing interests bet on Rob Hardwick for sheriff’s race in St. Johns County

Backs Scandalously corrupt soon to be former Sheriff David Shoar in refusing to use bodycams and plans on continuing to refuse the use of bodycams on Deputies regardless of allegations of rampant abuse

Retired law enforcement officer Chris Strickland

Chris is a recipient of the Exceptional Service Award for exceptional courage in the presence of grave personal danger while attempting to disarm a suspect on a boat in the ICW, who had already exchanged gunfire with a Florida Fish & Wildlife officer. Chris earned the medal twice in his career.