GRU Racist Employee Amber Kelly

Sign the Petition below to email the General Manager of GRU Ed Bielarski and the Gainesville City Commission and let them know that racism will not be tolerated!

We do not tolerate Racism!

To whom it may concern

I recently viewed a racist, images being shared by Amber Kelly an Operations Manager at Gainesville Regional Utilities.

GRU is a citizen-owned utility company that receives financial and represents the community. As a representative of the community, she has promoted not just racially intolerant views but promoted violence towards another race, with the casualness of a blatant racist.

When approached with concern over these issues, Managerial representatives refused to act, or follow up, leading us to become concerned this might be a culture within the GRU to tolerate violent socially inappropriate viewpoints, and while Gainesville has a long history of the protection of the First Amendment right the citizens of Alachua County have voiced time and again HATE SPEECH IS NOT FREE SPEECH!

We attempted with the assumption that this was an isolated incident within the GRU, with the lack of response we have received reaching out privately we no longer operate with this assumption.

While previously we were requesting a follow-up phone call we are now demanding immediate termination of Amber Kelly and a public apology with the racially insensitive way this matter has been handled.

If you would like to view the racist response from Amber Kelly verify the incident you can see the image here

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