Do not allow Jacksonville’s natural treasures to burn like in Portland Oregon

This is the Jacksonville the news isn’t showing you. We are as diverse as our environment, what we are not is a political arena for grandstanding, RNC please don’t come here, this is our home and we need to keep it safe.

Add your name here and automatically send an email to Donald Trump, Jax Mayor Lenny Curry, and the RNC letting them know life is worth more than votes, and our environment is worth protecting.

Jacksonville doesn't want Trump or the RNC!

Because of a Global Pandemic, as well as recent unrest, protests, and riots on the streets of Jacksonville, we do not feel safe to host the Republican National Convention.

These are our homes, business, and communities, not a political stage, and while I understand Florida is a battleground state, Jacksonville has NO DESIRE to become a battleground city.

In the past, conventions have caused riots, protests, crime, and other undesirable elements to be introduced into the community. We DO NOT want this for our homes and businesses.

It is a highly insensitive time to suggest this, and while certain elements may wish to find us in a weakened state to not be able to protect our community, we DO NOT!

We have had added hardships during this coronavirus epidemic, having a naval base, and seaports, adding extra people, into an already particularly vulnerable community is irresponsible and shows no concern for the citizens of Jacksonville, only their vote.

We have no interest in this "politics as normal" approach during this a health as well as community crisis.

We feel at this time, it would be better served for the people of Jacksonville to focus on the welfare of our families and communities as a whole, and while we appreciate the consideration in our city, we would like to respectfully decline, and ask you allow us the time we need to make sure Jacksonville's future is a bright and safe one for its citizens.

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