Non Profit Telecommunications option for inmate families

We propose to offer a non profit option to Paytel/JPay and other for profit telecommunications provider for inmate phone calls.
The cost of the average inmate phone call starts around $0.14 per minute and depending on locations can be as high as $20 a call!
To put this in perspective you were capable of making a long distance call in the late 1970s at a lower rate not factoring in inflation! If you factor in inflation it was far more affordable to make a international collect call in the 1950s.
This is not acceptable in a time where VoIP technologies allow us to communicate more efficiently for less!!
This would not be an acceptable ROI in the private sector on cost or performance!
In fact at these rates one must only assume corruption which is seemingly verified when you consider most Inmate Telecommunication Providers have a municipal monopoly and DO NOT have to compete with private sector telecommunication companies we trust to provide service for our hospitals, legal system, law enforcement, and the White House itself!
Which is why would like to offer our Not for Profit service in this area, we would like to offer the same service as a social service to inmate with the only clause being inmates would receive indigent weekly phone calls provided by us free of charge, we will not “kick-back” any money to any facility as we view this as both illegal and unethical, and inmate phone call rates be set to allow the average inmate an opportunity to communicate with his family, saving the families of inmate (taxpayers) money, allowing them some comfort during this financially trying time.