Probation Scholarship Program

Change Begins with You
We would like to offer individuals an opportunity to work off their community service hours, help out the community, as well as pay off their probation cost.
Probation which can be a valuable resource in helping avoid incarceration, can sometimes create a stumbling block to freedom.
What we are proposing is a mobile app, that connects people on probation to charities that fit their beliefs to serve community hours.

Reasons why we believe this will be effective in reducing the recidivism rate and integrate People back into society

  • This would allow, more flexible hours, important to those working jobs!
  • This would not require transportation, important for those on probation for driving on suspended as well as low income families!
  • This could potentially help with finances, low income families with no transportation working part time jobs rarely have disposable income for probation cost!
  • This could produce tax dollars as prior “probationees” who would have defaulted on probation cost are now able to pay!
  • This could reduce the need for tax dollars as we “weed out probationees “from those who are career criminals!
  • This does produce pride and dignity within the “probationee” and removes stigmatisms in society important when reducing recidivism!
  • This could create new jobs as Non Profits such as ours consider “probationees”  who perform well for job opportunities!
We are currently in talks to begin working with county officials to begin this Beta Trail please check back.