“We will not be Silenced” Coronavirus Mask

In this unpresidented time it is important to help where you can.

Every member of society is vulnerable to the Coronavirus but none as much as our homeless population.

Freed Promise Volunteers have came together to make mask to distribute and provide protection for the homeless.

We are also offering to our supporters who donate $10 or more a coronavirus mask with our message “will not be silenced” printed on it. Proceeds will be used to help support distributing more masks to the homeless.

While we at the Freed Promise Project believe in free speech we do not believe in forced speech, we would like to see a trend supporting your favorite charity on your coronavirus mask, while our mouths may be covered our messages still can get out there!

We are offering to print the message of your favorite charity!

Contact us at admin@fpphelps.com for more information.

Passing out mask